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With the ever growing need for IT related services, the demand for trained Technical Writers is booming and we focus on this niche area on an advanced level. ITDocumentum’s Professional Technical Writing (PTW) is an 8-week mentored online technical writing course. Our trainers are Senior Technical writers with 8 to 10 years of real time experience, who share their knowledge and experience to help you to acquire this soft skill.

In this practical hands-on on-line course, you gain the skills to assess the needs of the user and create technical documents for a variety of environments. You learn the mechanics of good writing, along with techniques for document design and page layout. During the course you will learn how to:

  • Draft, edit and publish technical documents
  • Create and use templates, graphics, indexes and glossaries
  • Use global English in Technical writing
  • Create technical document adhering to MSTP guidelines
  • Use advanced tools such as MS Word, snagIT and Adobe Robohelp
  • Create a resume – Assignment I
  • Create a user manual – Assignment II
  • Create an on-line help system – Assignment III

During the course you will undergo a mentoring process in which you'll practice your skills to complete three real time assignments. In this course, you'll learn how to use a systematic writing process.

In the first assignment, you'll learn how to write clearly and concisely. You'll practice these techniques by writing a resume using MS Word template. In assignments two and three, you'll create your first technical documents such as a user manual and on-line help system. In these two projects, we try to simulate a typical development environment by having you work in project teams. The course takes you through the entire writing process, step-by-step!

    Value addition
  • 100 hours of extensive training with in-depth coverage of documentation tools like FrameMaker and RoboHelp
  • Trained more than 125 Individuals on Technical Writing & Documentation
  • Proven track record of 100% placement for the last 3 consecutive years
  • Industry-Oriented course structure with a pilot project
  • Mentoring by eminent tech writers in the industry
  • Absorption of resources from every batch for our own in-house projects
On-line training on technical writing and documentation You learn how to write technical documents and you learn technical writing rules that professional technical writers always follow.
Technical writing tools You learn the latest tools such as Adobe Robohelp, Snagit
Project You apply these rules to write a real user manual, which our editors review, and work with you to bring your sample manuals up to industry standard.
Mentoring You will under go 4 weeks mentoring process to tweak your writing skills to shape you as a professional technical writer.
Training for interviews You learn how to face interviews and tests. With experience in the industry we know what hiring managers look for. We train you accordingly.
Placement assistance There are 1000s of technical writing openings that has to be filled in the industry. After completing your mentoring phase we ensure you are placed as a technical writer.
For more details mail us at contactus@itdocumentum.com or call us at 91 9444240044

"Tailor our expertise to your business needs"

IT Documentum provides customized documentation training solutions to improve your documentation standards.

We analyze your business, industry, your customer and your employees writing potential and customize our training solution to match your business needs.

Our documentation experts help you and your employees learn industry standard documentation process and acquire latest tool expertise. We provide both onsite and offsite training programs as well as conference and on the job training.

You can customize our corporate training services to:

Enhance your employees writing skills
Standardize documentation process
Acquire latest tool expertise
Improve performance
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